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"A name originated by Greek and Indian mythology, meaning everlasting light. Anisha is usually a sweet, extremely beautiful girl with the most perfect facial features and definitely other features too. She's very empathetic and insanely adorable. You definitely want a friend like her. Although, she is fiesty when angry. But, you can't help but find her insanely adorable." - urban dictionary



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Begitu busyy !!
Tuesday, 7 June 2011 at 05:36
Assalamualaikum to all muslim  blogger :) Sya baru dkat snii . Actually Sya pnaa ade blog sblom nyy , but dah tk bole bkak . Nakk buad cm nea , bia kenn jea lahh .First of all , Sya baru khilngan sseorangg yg snadd bmakne dlam idop Sya . he's myy grandfather . Sedihh ouhh . But as human , we should go on in our life kenn ? huhu . Sya sbnanye veryyx5 TALKATIVE . tk tao nape . :D nyyy lahhh reason ptame blog nyy dlahirkn . spaye nisya ade ruang nakk mmbebel . Ishhx3 . :P btw , reason kdue ialah krane Sya jelez tngok mmbe brblog . huhuu . trcabar jiwe rage beb ! bile mmbe cite psal blog . mklom lahh nmpak cam Sya nyy tk up to date plakk . huhuhh . adoihh . tsekse jiwe rage nakk mnaip . haha .hmmm . haa . Sya dah lari daryy tajokk lahh korangg . awat korangg tk ckap ? ishhhx3 ! actually , nisya busyy snad this month coz keje schul cm cutiey staonn and kje folio plakk cm budk kolej . mmg parah lahh kenn . tapyy to lahh hkikat nye . sabo n redha sajee . kdang2 rase stress jugakk , pyy Sya try release tension dgan bmanje nan ehem2 . (kwan lahh korangg) pk laen jea . hahaha . okay arr . Sya dah puas mmbebel . Next time kyte smbong agyy . FULL STOP !!

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