"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius. It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring" - Marilyn Monroe

"A name originated by Greek and Indian mythology, meaning everlasting light. Anisha is usually a sweet, extremely beautiful girl with the most perfect facial features and definitely other features too. She's very empathetic and insanely adorable. You definitely want a friend like her. Although, she is fiesty when angry. But, you can't help but find her insanely adorable." - urban dictionary



i cant find any suitable follower gadget for my blog yet :(




harge blog akuu ^^
Sunday, 18 September 2011 at 05:30
akuu rase cham tk pcaye jea xD
siyesly ,
bnde niii cham tipu xD
act , mane ade tipu laa .
niii bn de betol .
kalo korgg nakk tahu harge blog korgg .
just pegii ke sinii :)

then , bile dah mendarat kat link tuhh ,
korgg just type url korgg dkat snii .

nmpak yg akuu bulat tuhh ?
just fill korgg pnye url kat situu tauu :)

a dayy full with happiness :)
at 04:14
let the picture tell you the storyy :)

kayy ,
aku tahuu muke akuu burokk .
at least ,
aku tk tunjuk fake face kann :)

PMR :)
Sunday, 11 September 2011 at 02:30
ouhh , hayy :)
PMR tnggal lagii brape hari lagii .
akuu lgsung tk buad pape preparations lagii .
haihh .
ank sape lahh nii .
akuu rase mcam pressure .
mklum lahh nervous kann .
takod sngat .
takod tk lulus kea hape :)
saye tk pndai .
#ececeh xD
btw ,
just nakk wish kay semua PMR candidates ,
good luck tauu korgg :)
do the best <3
smalam akuu lupe nakk update entry baru :)
bnyak yg blaku smalam :)
bnde yg baik baik tauu :)
sronok sngat .
hee ~
nnti akuu buad entry tuu tauu .
tngguuuuuuuuuu ~ xD
for the last ,
to PMR candidates ,
no need to be tension :)


enjoy reading your books :)


bai bai :)

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