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"A name originated by Greek and Indian mythology, meaning everlasting light. Anisha is usually a sweet, extremely beautiful girl with the most perfect facial features and definitely other features too. She's very empathetic and insanely adorable. You definitely want a friend like her. Although, she is fiesty when angry. But, you can't help but find her insanely adorable." - urban dictionary



i cant find any suitable follower gadget for my blog yet :(




contest blog simple tapi awesome !
Friday, 18 November 2011 at 04:52
kay kay ,
akuu blogwalking tadi .
terjumpe satu contest , just trying my luck
*sory for the broken english
aku jumpe contest nehh kat blog omeyy nehh ,
so , mlas nakk ckp bnyak bnyak .
here the banner .

contest blog simple but awesome by hurul hanani

kay , here the rules :
1 - like banana shop dulu *wajib
2 - a malaysian blogger
3 - WAJIB ada blog
4 - follow blog nurul hanani *tak wajib
5 - buat satu entry tentang contest nehh and dan letak banner omeyy tu sekali
6 - tag rakan blogger *tak wajib
7 - paste link entry di tapak komen 
aku join contest nehh sebab aku rase contest nehh cham best , hadiah dea pun ouhsome !
lagi pun aku rase blog aku simple *prasan jap
so , cham yg aku ckp tadi ,
just trying my luck :>
haa , nakk tahu hadiah dea , sini 
daa tngok ?
ouhsome kann ? kann ? 
so , aku tag kat ayien ocaca and youpie eppy 
kay , thats all .
kbye :>

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